The best player-friendly casinos understand the importance of providing top rated customer support. Cherry Jackpot Casino certainly fits that description by offering players of all levels a range of options to talk directly to experienced, highly trained online casino staff. To provide immediate information to a range of basic questions, Cherry Jackpot Casino offers a quick reference FAQ page. This is a great place for new players to start if they have specific questions about security, banking or about making a first deposit or setting up an account. If the information is not available on the FAQ page, or if the player prefers to speak to a Cherry Jackpot Casino representative, they can call the toll free hot line that provides immediate access to a Cherry Jackpot Casino customer service representative. An alternative that is also easy to use and provides instant contact with the casino is the online instant chat system, also available 24/7. For less pressing questions or to check anything with your account, games or casino policy, players can also email the casino and expect a prompt reply.